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 Gentleman's Tale x Best in Singapore – Best Tailors in Singapore

It’s rare to find a well-crafted suit that will match your body perfectly. That’s why many of the people we know end up looking for the best tailors in Singapore, just so they can get a bespoke suit for their needs.

If you’re doing the same thing, you’re in luck. Today, we’ve decided to list our top tailors on the island when it comes to fitting and creating classy formal and business outfits.

Regardless of your preferences, these tailors in Singapore can guide you to the ideal cut and fit for your body. Let’s take a look at them now, so you can start mulling over your options:


A Gentleman’s Tale: Tailor-made
suits out of a Sprinter.

Despite tropical-humid temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius, the streets of Singapore are bustling with activity. The island state south of Malaysia is much more than just a tourist hotspot or a gateway airport. The metropolis is one of the most modern and culturally diverse cities in the world. Fashion is high on the agenda here and tailors Lyn and Kenneth are ideally placed with their mobile start-up. What began as a tailor’s shop in 2016 soon became more. Today Lyn and Kenneth are proud owners of a walk-in wardrobe in the Sprinter as well as the tailor’s shop and showroom in the Citan. The concept is simple: “Instead of going to a shop, the shop comes to you.” In this way, they were not only able to keep the start-up costs low, but also satisfy the desire for close customer loyalty

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Tailored solutions

Co-founders Lyn Chan and Kenneth Chia of A Gentleman’s Tale offer a mobile menswear service that brings tailoring services to the doorstep of time-starved clients.

In 2015 when we first started, we looked at options on how to keep costs low. We chose to be mobile tailors, which will allow us to have minimal overheads. Then, we would travel around Singapore on public transport bringing along a backpack and cabin luggage.


S'pore mobile tailor makes tailored suits at your convenience, drives to you at no extra cost

For some, getting a tailored suit can be a troublesome process.


You have to travel to the tailor after work, and stand awkwardly while he or she takes your measurements. That is, of course, if the tailor is still open after you get off work.

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